I can produce orchestrations for a variety of line-ups ranging from a three piece band to full orchestra with choir.  Here are some examples.  Hopefully I might have some audio to go with them at some point.

Climbing Over Rocky Mountain, large pit orchestration


Reed 1 (Flute db. Piccolo), Reed 2 (Oboe db. Cor Anglais), Reed 3 (Clarinet db. Flute), Reed 4 (Clarinet db. Bass Clarinet), French Horn, 2 Trumpets (db. Flugelhorn and Piccolo Trumpet), Trombone, Drums, Tuned Percussion, Keyboard 1 (Piano), Keyboard 2 (Synth), 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Bass Guitar.  (17 players.)

This was essentially an updating of Sullivan’s 1879 orchestration (which was functional rather than inspirational).  The brief was to create a sound both classical and contemporary, using a large modern pit orchestra.

Download-bulletDownload Climbing Over Rocky Mountain Orchestration
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I Enjoy Being A Girl, commercial orchestral reduction


Reed 1 (Flute db. Alto Sax), Reed 2 (Tenor Sax), Trumpet, Trombone, Drums, Tuned Percussion, Keyboard 1 (with conductor’s cues), Keyboard 2, Violin, Cello, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar.  (12 players.)

This is a by-ear reduction of Don Sebesky’s 17-piece Broadway orchestration for the 2002 revival of Flower Drum Song, and was commissioned for a Bird College end of year show in 2006.  The instrumentation had already been set, so I worked with what I was given.

Download-bulletDownload I Enjoy Being A Girl Orchestration
©2006 Ben Wiles.  All rights reserved.

Arms of an Angel: voices and strings (excerpt)


8 solo singers (SSAATTBB), Piano, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello. (5 players, 8 singers.)

This curious arrangement of Sarah McLaghlan’s song was commissioned by Toccata Music, and could have gone in any direction.  As I had become a bit bored of standard rock and pop arrangement, I thought: string quartet!  I threw in the piano for good measure.

The voices and strings interweave in a lovely way.  I only wish I had a recording of it!

Download-bulletDownload Arms of an Angel (excerpt)
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I have also done a lot of stuff for much smaller ensembles, but small ensemble writing never looks impressive on the page.

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