Vocal Arrangements

I can produce bespoke vocal arrangements for a range of abilities.  Here are a few sheet music examples from various past projects.  The easier writing is generally towards the bottom of the page.

If this stuff all looks too easy, a pretty tricky 8-part vocal arrangement with strings can be found on the orchestrations page.

Ugly, a Disney-Opera

A few different kinds of vocal arrangement are showcased in this, a mini-opera version of the Ugly Duckling in a Disney style.  There's close jazz harmony, chorale style harmony and, at the end, a bit of Disney chorus writing.  It formed one ‘movement’ of The Hans Andersen Show back in 2005.

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©2005 Ben Wiles.  All rights reserved.

Captain Corcoran’s Song – now with Mermaids!

So, there I was MDing HMS Pinafore, minding my own business with the dum-ti-dums, when the director came over to me and said: “You know what this number needs?  Mermaids!”  Ah.

Now, for some reason, Sir William Schwenk Gilbert had not noticed that the scene required mermaids back in 1878, so Sir Arthur Sullivan had not written any music for them to sing.  He probably didn’t know how, as the only known examples of mermaid singing come from Busby Berkley movies a half century later.

He needed not have worried, though.  MD Ben comes to the rescue, quickly knocking up some 2-part harmony for the four onstage mermaids to sing.  And the lady dressed as a halibut, of course.

To commemorate this extraordinary event, here is the score with the harmony added.

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©2012 Ben Wiles.  All rights reserved.

Danny Boy for Soloist and SATB

Here is a sample vocal arrangement of Danny Boy for soloist and SATB choir, undertaken for the Toccata Music tour of India in 2011.  The end segues into an arrangement of John Denver’s Wild Montana Skies, which I haven’t included as that song, like so many I arrange, is under copyright!

Download-bulletDownload Danny Boy for Soloist and SATB
©2011 Ben Wiles.  All rights reserved.

Easy Arrangements for SAB choir

Here are two arrangements I did for the beginners' choir at Middlesex University, where I spent a few years trying to teach non-singers how to sing in harmony.

It’s always tricky getting a good sound out of reluctant singers, so I’m reasonably proud of these arrangements.

I’ve released them under a Creative Commons licence, so you are free to adapt or perform them as you wish, as long as you credit me as the original arranger.

Download The Keel Row SAB (pdf)Download-bullet

ccbyncsaReleased under CC BY-NC-SA licence

Download The Huron Indian Carol SAB (pdf)Download-bullet

ccbyncsaReleased under CC BY-NC-SA licence

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