Autumn 2011

Well, the summer is over and with it ends Illyria's production of The Pirates of Penzance. аOur small but intrepid band of players has spanned the width and breath of Great Britain, entertaining young and old from Inverness to (appropriately) Penzance, and many places in between.

For two months, we built our sets, performed our shows, discover long lost Travelodges and, on one notable occasion, dug our van out of a waterlogged field at two in the morning. аI think it would be fair to say we are all knackered.

Queen Victoria...?

Queen Victoria

Still, we had some lovely feedback from both audience members and reviewers. аSee here and here for details.

After all that, I am happy to have a bit of a break before panto, working as a pianist as well as my regular teaching and choral conducting. аI will write more about panto another time.

If anyone is wondering what the glamourous life of an MD touring with Illyria is like, take a look at the picture of Queen Victoria. аA most splendid vision of womanhood, I'm sure you'll agree. аOh, and that tent behind is the orchestra 'pit'!

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