City Of Angels at BSA

City Of Angels


Birmingham School of Acting has a strong tradition of students performing musicals as part of their general acting training, and this year they will be presenting Cy Coleman and David Zippel’s City Of Angels at the Crescent Theatre.

With a fast talking script penned by Larry Gelbart (of Forum and M*A*S*H fame), City Of Angels follows the misadventures of aspiring screenwriter Styne and fictional private-eye Stone, as the former tries to write a film script about the latter in 1940s Hollywood.

The plot is, at best, difficult to explain (the Wikipedia entry doesn’t really scratch the surface), but the story whips along and the laughs keep coming, while Coleman’s phenomenal jazz score perfectly captures both the glamour and sleaze of 1940s LA. аIt’s one of my favourite scores, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to revisit it. а(I was on stage in a student production about 10 years ago!)

It’s a great show, but very rarely performed thanks to its being a really very difficult show. аWant to see how we do? аIt’s on in the Crescent Studio from 17-19 October.

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