Peter Pan breaks box office records; music leaves reviewers speechless

As we approach 2013 and the end of the Peter Pan run, it is good to know that the show has been a roaring success.

With a week to go, our pantomime has smashed box office records with 42,000 tickets sold, reports аMy understanding is that current sales are around 8,000 higher than ever before.

While the draw of George Sampson and Larry Lamb has obviously contributed to the show’s success, I am convinced that the secret of this box office smash isаreally good music.а

The reviewers, unfortunately, did not notice any music at all. (Boo!) аThe Stage did not even credit me as musical director, which they did manage last year. (Ahhh. –No, it’s sadder than that. –Aaaahhhhhh! –That’s better.)

There is, of course, a perfectly rational explanation for this: the music was simply so wonderful that the reviewers were rendered speechless!

Lack of musical notice aside, the reviews have been very good. аThe projections “create a magical sense of journeying above the rooftops of London or through the lagoons of Neverland”, George’s dancing “seems insubstantial and otherworldly - perfectly Pan”, while Carys Grey’s singing was “tremendous”. аWell done all!

Of course, these elements were all accompanied by music, but music seems to have become such a ubiquitous commodity that even the reviewers don’t notice when it works. аI am, however, pretty sure that they would have noticed if it did not work.

As someone who generally enjoys being invisible, I’m really not bitter. аTo prove it, here's a link to the reviews.

Happy New Year! ;-)

ай Ben Wiles 2009-2013