Pirates of Penzance sets sail, Amsterdam returns

The Pirates of Penzance

PiratesOfPenzanc 1

Summer is almost here.  And this summer I will be touring the country with seven other crazy people performing The Pirates of Penzance.  As rehearsals have not yet begun, I am not entirely sure how seven actors and a lone musician will perform such a large-scale show, but I'm sure we'll have fun finding out!

Directed by Oliver Gray and arranged by Jane Marlow, Illyria's outdoor production will tour from 7 July to 3 September in selected venues around the country.  Illyria have a great reputation when it comes to both classical and children's theatre, so this would be a great introduction to Gilbert and Sullivan for all kids from age 5 to 500.  (I know, I should have gone into advertising.)

Click here to find out where Pirates will be and, indeed, book tickets.

While I haven't been doing much writing recently (I have been doing quite a lot of arranging and playing), this summer will also present a second chance to see a show I wrote last year.  Amsterdam is certainly not suitable for children, but is quite suitable for those perpetually stuck in an adolescent frame of mind.

Set in a brothel in Amsterdam, this very short musical depicts an encounter between a prostitute who thinks she can't sing and a client who requires a song to get him aroused.  When it premièred last year, several people commented that they will never see nursery rhymes in the same way again...

Anyhow, this version of Amsterdam is a bit shorter than the one performed last year, having been edited to fit the timeslot at Duckie.  The second of four minuscule musicals to be performed over the summer, Amsterdam can be seen at 11pm on 25 June.  There is a facebook page here.

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